Digital Marketing Industry and the Pandemic- was it all food and books?

Have you ever thought about your shopping attitude during the quarantine days? How were they different?

During the long weeks of total physical isolation, the most painful ones so far in this Pandemic, everybody turned to their phones, not just for some more information and comfort, but also for purchasing all kinds of articles, from food to puzzles.

As already hinted at, Digital Marketing only got better during the Pandemic.

Was this totally expected? Well, it was not unpredictable after all. It was all about doing the very same things, exercising the very same buying habits, but in a safer form, through the screens of our smart devices. This meant social distancing at its best.

Businesses realized firsthand the importance of social media presence and visibility, unless they knew it already.

Even the businesses that had maintained by then a traditional approach to the way they got in touch with their customers, took to the digital route as a the reasonable and necessary thing to do, and there is no coming back.

These businesses found in them the value of empathizing to their customers. This empathy mattered not only to their already loyal buyers, but they also to the new ones they managed to add to their list. They were saying “we are here, we’re all in this together” in the way they knew best, by offering their products and services in a new platform, completely out of their comfort zone. And, of course these stores and businesses found reward and fulfillment in this stretch.

A challenge that these businesses face is getting comfortable with their newly- attained customers.

They are of the “digital kind”.

They look at products differently. They know they cannot check for freshness or ripeness of a tomato through color or touch, so the seller has to convince them with good photos to the product and by providing reviews from other customers.

Not all businesses are created equal- especially during Pandemic times.

As you might have imagined, groceries saw the dawn of the days during the quarantine. Online grocery shopping peaked at the very beginning, going hand in hand with the collective insecurities and the vagueness of the new virus.

Then, there was a drastic drop in sales.

Once households had stocked on all sorts of canned soups, beans, canned tuna, frozen peas and even toilet paper, a lethargic period followed. People showed that they are rather unpredictable and volatile in their buying habits, just like the new coronavirus.

On the same note, books saw a spiking increase during the first days of isolation. Online purchases were the trend, and posting such purchases was part of it all. But then, how many books can you read all at once? Probably one at a time, right? And, once you finish one, do you follow up with more and more? Book online shopping does not care about that, you are the one in charge of your reading habits, and, as a consequence, of your customer habits, in this case.

Online shopping of books and groceries was a real indicator to what mattered most to people during the first days of the virus among us. It is really nice to notice how food on the table and food for thought were two main concerns while we were all preparing for a difficult year ahead of us.

Digital Marketing Industry once again gave businesses a chance at reinventing themselves, and the increase in online shopping of books, alongside food puts things in a whole new perspective.

What were your first online purchases during isolation? Did you turn to digital market for articles you had never purchased this way before? Let us know