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The Back Story

This B2C home improvement company were no strangers to digital marketing but had become disillusioned after their experiences with a PPC agency who failed to deliver. This client had built themselves a website in-house, and employed a team member to maintain it but decided to give outsourcing their marketing one last chance, with spectacular results…

We went a little further and built them a CRM using ZOHO to manage their pipeline as it is built, and further qualify the connections.

We also sent out LinkedIn connection requests to 5000 industry leaders, CTO’s and company owners, to gain insight and feedback for future campaigns regarding digital care.

And, included an innovative new AI powered Website Visitor Tracking software, WOEXA™

(NOTE: NDA in place protecting the identity of this brand)


At The Start 

We took an overview of their current set-up: although making use of a few marketing tools and a WordPress blog, the client’s overall strategy was shaky and lacking in several key areas. They were still focusing heavily on PPC; we highlighted the need for clear strategy, regular content, email marketing and social media to boost their number of leads. We also stressed the importance of an effective lead generation strategy, a strong sales process and a commitment to tracking progress over the entire journey.

Press Social Solution 

We proposed a solution that included:

  • Content Marketing – primarily through regular blog articles, engaging posts and also eBooks/whitepapers
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing using Klaviyo
  • Website Visitor Tracking software – WOEXA™
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation – LinkedFusion
  • Smart Landing Page

We recommended Zoho as the software platform to help us implement and measure the results. As part of our service we also provided:

  • CRM configuration and set-up
  • CRM training
  • Website integration (so all leads from the website go directly into the CRM)
  • Automated email responses – Fully Managed
  • Automated LinkedIn connection requests & manual response – Fully Managed

We launched a marketing program and began using automation to follow up and nurture new website leads. With the help of a renewed focus on Google Ads, strong social media presence, Email nurturing, SEO and current, relevant content, progress in organic SEO and website traffic increased substantially in the first year alone.

Next Steps 

After a full year with Press Social, this client had already achieved significant revenue from the marketing programme with no sign of slowing down. Going strong, we continued into a second year and rebuilt their website, giving them a fresh, new look. We introduced their sales team to Zoho CRM and Zoho Social provided extensive training on how to get the most out of the system. Over the next couple of years, we redeveloped each of their separate business websites and implemented marketing automation across all three, backed up by a connected CRM system and full training.

The Results – in numbers

In 4 years, here is a summary of what has been achieved:

  • Website leads have grown from 20 per month to 300+ per month
  • £1.5m+ In directly attributable new business has been won as a result of the marketing
  • Website visitors have increased more than tenfold – from 2,284 to 24,695 in March 2019, in which they generated 613 leads.
  • Update (March 2022) – Over the course of this client’s time with us, we have achieved page one rankings for a huge range of high-volume and very competitive search terms, with 174 tracked keywords at the time of writing. Here is a review of the top 20 keywords we identified back in 2020, where they were then, and where they are today (as of March 2022):


Press Social was named Best SMM Agency

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