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  • The Social Media Analysis report is an award-winning marketing needs assessment 
  • Arming you with automated insights into your business’s  online marketing performance. 
  • Discover gaps in your online/digital marketing and take control by investigating optimal solutions.
  • Uncover your business’s marketing performance in six categories: Reviews – Social Media – Website – Digital Advertising – SEO – Business Listings  
  • Use our report and take advantage of bespoke business insights that are specifically tailored to your business. 
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Uncover Your Marketing Performance in six Categories

Business Listings - Reviews - Social Media - Website - Digital Advertising - SEO
REVIEWS: Industry benchmarks your business can’t ignore

Did you know that Google ranks businesses with reviews ahead of businesses with no reviews? 88% of consumers look to online reviews when making buying decisions.


BUSINESS LISTINGS: Can consumers find your business?

73% of consumers lose trust in a business with inaccurate listings. Stop losing customers to your competitors and start winning them back.

And More…


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Do you know your ROI? Where do you rank with competitors in your market? 
 Our report educates SME’s about digital solutions by highlighting gaps in your digital marketing, and proposing optimal solutions.  

Giving you valuable insight and a summary of your online presence and allows you to identify areas of improvement and suggests products that can help. 

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Social Media Analysis Report

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