Mix of Minimal, Deep and Tech House Music

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Project preview

"Minimal, Deep and Tech House, both as DJs and producers"

The music of Fin & Stanley combines fine rhythms with groovy basslines, and they continuously excite their fans with a concentrated charge of Minimal, Deep and Tech House, both as DJs and producers. It is their unique blend of passion and knowledge behind the mixer that keeps the speakers rumbling and helped their tunes spread from Germany across the world.

Kind words

“Masa and her team are the only agency that seem to be able to match Fin & Stanley's vibe, tone and voice. Because they are so eccentric, they needed an equally eccentric digital marketing agency. And Press Social is that agency. I'm a global ambassador of all that is House Music, and it was only through the engaging content of Fin & Stanley was I able to find them. Fantastic job to Press Social's management team we are doing a great job with hashtag research, proactive outreach, and more. Having a partnership or collaboration isn't just going out there and comparing apples and oranges. It's being able to find the right fit for your business and its goals...almost like pieces to a puzzle. Sometimes you get lucky and all the right pieces fall into place all at the same time.

Global Music Ambassador, Anonymous

Main problems

The challenge

Building awareness of singles and album in the lead up to release, through PR
and creative promotions.

Increasing Fin & Stanley's profile online and take them into new areas thereby
increasing their reach.

Engaging and exciting fans through; engaging content, PR and creative digital
marketing activities.

Re-affirming the strength of their live performance ability and diversity through
well-positioned sessions.

As the campaign further evolves, involve engaging promotions that excite the
growing fan-base and help to build it further.

What we have done

Our approach

Through PR initiatives we retained existing key supporters of Fin & Stanley whilst
also introducing them to wider media outlets, in order to broaden their appeal.
This was spanned from: live sessions, remix premieres, reviews (single, album and
live), playlists, style features, video features, competitions and exclusive content
creation and placements, and monthly newsletters.

Created and distributed unique content, used both as a PR asset and enabling us
to initiate a talking point online and most importantly something fans wanted to
share. From remixes, exclusive competitions, FB & IG Live sessions and youtube

Set up bespoke marketing initiatives and brand tie-ins in order to go far beyond
the remit of online PR and engage with music fans who may not ordinarily sit on
music websites / blogs.



A cool new innovative brand that people love

Fan engagement through social led promotions such as the Facebook tab competition with promotions, Live Stream, driving video views and click throughs to their official website.

Special promotions included tie-ins with Michael Ritter, and more. These allowed us to tap into their networks and social reach going outside and beyond the standard reach of online PR.

The campaign delivered 4,65K impressions. 28K+ click-throughs to their official website. A CTR of 0,627 and a media value equal to £70K and sparked what would become an incredibly fruitful relationship for Fin & Stanley.

During the course of the campaign Fin & Stanley have also been offered a number of huge brand collaborations through our network of Instagram influencers and contacts. We'll be sure to fill you in on confirmed progress as the campaigns continue to unfold...