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At Liquid Body, our goal is to provide not only premium grade products, but also an exemplary customer experience. Whether you purchase our products through our online store or via one of our many amazing retailers, we are constantly striving to ensure that every customer leaves well-informed and satisfied. Our products have over time been vetted by consumers, with high customer satisfaction. Products that our Liquid Body Team equally adores as much as you do, and that we are proud to share. We make certain our brand is carried only by retailers who are as enthusiastic and knowledgeable about it as we are, and that our online sales team is dedicated to guaranteeing your utmost satisfaction. And what is the best measure of our dedication to our brand and our customers? More than 95% of shoppers are repeat customers or direct referrals from our past customers. When it comes down to it, that’s the most important number in our books.

Kind words

Put quite simply, the Press Social team as a whole are excellent and more than deserve the 5 star rating I've given above. The key to success has never been a simple task but Dean, Masa and the team have helped me and my business grow and adapt over the last 3 years. Cracking content and designing amazing social media posts takes time and far too many people are after a quick buck and fast results rather than looking at the bigger picture and building a business that will last for years. If you're realistic and willing to play your part then I can't rate Press Social Agency enough. Super bunch!

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Main problems

The challenge

Working in an industry that is highly competitive resulted in Liquid Body UK
targeting customers that have an abundance of choice, with a high volume of
brands competing for their attention. It was also crucial for their brand to project
trust, transparency and thought leadership in the market, as these are key factors
to success and long-term client advocacy

What we have done

Our approach

With the dietary supplement and collagen industry being so highly competitive, it
was important to develop a content marketing strategy that would establish
Liquid Body UK as an authoritative voice within the dietary supplement sector.
Through carefully researched and written blogs, we aimed to attract and build
trust among potential customers by educating readers on both the nutritional
value and their own health.

This approach involved carrying out extensive keyword research at the very
beginning, in order to identify the most commonly searched phrases and
questions. From this, we were able to produce useful and fully optimised blog
posts that have since helped to establish Liquid Body UK as a reliable and
trustworthy expert in both the nutrition and dietary industry; this also increased
their keyword positions in organic search rankings.

Strategically written Digital PR articles followed suit, aimed at increasing brand
recognition by linking to well-known dietary publications, as well as highlighting
expertise and industry knowledge through addressing the wider concerns of the

This part of the strategy involved carrying out research into subjects that were
relevant to the dietary and nutrition industry, looking for any trends in topics
being discussed. A good example of this approach was when the issue of
collagen replacement therapy became a trending topic on social media. As a
response, we created an article that discussed the topic in depth. We then
reached out to several medical publications with the article, offering them an
expert opinion on a topic that, at the time, was being heavily discussed online.
This successfully was exponential.

Another key component of our content marketing strategy utilised Liquid Body UK
social media channels to consistently put fresh content in front of their audience.
Our content covered a wide spectrum of topics, including celebrity and lifestyle
news, treatment spotlights, and health-related blogs. This allowed us to target
readers at every stage of their journey with Liquid Body UK, from research to
enquiry and through to product purchase.



An increase in visibility online and highlighting their expertise within the health & nutritional industry

Working alongside Liquid Body UK to develop creative concepts that have allowed
us to increase their visibility online and highlight their expertise within the nutrition
and dietary supplement industry.

2,012 website sessions generated from content marketing
41% increase in organic traffic
26% increase in visitor sessions
122% increase in mobile search traffic