The two services we offer as part of our plans and packages are as follows:


Our team will research your brand and write a press release article based on the links and information you provide us when placing your order. This article will meet the minimum word count for your chosen plan or package and will contain link(s) to the website you provided. We will always send you the article to review and request changes before we publish it.


Our team will publish the article you approve (or send us) on a minimum of 200 websites.

If an article cannot be published, you will have the option of receiving a refund, or have the opportunity to rewrite the article, or request our team rewrite it if your order included our writing service.

Once an article is published, there is no way for us to change it. We assume no liability for any inaccuracies in the publications caused by any party, including us, the individual news sites, our publication partners, and our clients. We cannot be held responsible for any damages the publications may cause.


Please contact us to remove publications. We charge $150 and typically take one week to remove all the publications. We can only remove the entire list of publications for an order, not just a specific publication.